Djokovic’s Jewel in the Crown!

Could it be Djokovic’s daily practice of meditation – the most recent addition, to his holistic approach to tennis and life, which is giving him the edge over the rest of the field at the moment? Before matches, Djokovic uses breathing techniques to help him ‘align with his thoughts’ and ‘stay composed’ – an act … Read more

The Inner Game and Coaching Mastery

Rob’s story Keen to evolve his knowledge of high performance coaching, Andy Knibbs an LTA tutor and coach invited U.S master coach Sean Brawley to present a 3 day workshop on ‘Coaching Mastery’. Sean, a former 150 ATP tennis player had been mentored by Tim Gallwey the author of the Inner Game series for 20 … Read more

Awareness of Agenda.

In his book, ‘Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence’ Dan Goleman discusses how focussing on what’s critical leads to success. In order to focus on whats critical, he believes it is important for both coaches and performers to have a heightened sense of self awareness, awareness of others and awareness of their enivironment. In … Read more

Footballers have doubts also!

Recently, I met up with a football coach to discuss how he could use a performer-centred coaching approach with his junior team. During the meeting we discussed our playing and coaching experiences and he told me about a problem that he had developed with heading the ball. After missing a few headers in a game … Read more

Stuck for Something to Say? – How about asking?

A couple of weeks ago, I was assessing a level 2 UKCC qualification in tennis and I noticed a trainee coach struggling for something to say to one of his pupils during his on-court assessment.  He had set up a drill which involved the players hitting cross court for depth, and he had explained and … Read more

Creating the Right Environment!

What kind of learning environment do children need to maximise their potential and build self belief? About 9 years ago, I was trying to help my son aged 7 years to play tennis. As a coach and a player, I desperately wanted him to play well and I thought that I could help him by … Read more