‘Helping coaches, teachers and parents
to bridge the gap between their knowledge
of child-centred coaching
and their ability to deliver it.’

If you are a coach, teacher or parent;

Would you like your children to have increased confidence and self-belief in all that they do?

Would you like your children to have more enthusiasm and motivation to learn?

Would you like your children to learn faster, perform at higher levels and enjoy what they are doing?

Ultimately, would you like your children to be able to Self-coach, i.e. to choose to be responsible for how and where they place their efforts, in order to achieve their goals?

Would you like to feel inspired and positively challenged by your coaching/teaching/parenting?

What is Child-centred Coaching?

  • How to build higher quality relationships with your children
  • How to help children develop a higher level of trust in their abilities
  • How to help children unlock their own ideas and motivation
  • How to increase a child’s self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • How to help children feel happier in a learning environment

What does it look like?

What do the Children Say?

How can we ignore their feedback?!

Want to take action and learn the theory
and skills of child-centred coaching?

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 ‘Our philosophical approach aligns well with your materials’ –
Andrew Eade, Sport New Zealand
Senior Advisor Coach and Coaching Development.

‘The New Zealand Coach Approach encourages
the full continuum of coaching styles
and puts special emphasis on the power of questioning
to increase awareness, responsibility and self-belief.’
Stephen Fleming, Former Black Caps Captain, co-presenter of NZ Coach Approach Video