“Andy has regularly contributed to the Herts Coach Education Week, the largest event of its kind in the UK. His enthusiasm and commitment has been welcomed by coaches of all levels from a range of different sports, and his message has struck a chord for those taking part. Feedback on his sessions has included descriptions such as ‘memorable’, ‘illuminating’ and ‘empowering’.

Rob Hardwick,
Coaching Development Manager,
Herts Sports Partnership


Andy, Thanks for attending our Football club and helping us to learn how to use a less directive coaching approach. As you know we set this club up with the aim of giving our players a less pressurised experience of playing sport. Whilst we recognise that winning is an important part of playing sport we also recognise that it’s important for kids to have a positive experience, and that counts the most. We have carefully chosen our coaches based upon their levels of competence in many different areas.

One of the areas we recognised that they needed help with, was the way that they could find a language of teaching that allows the children to find the answers themselves, rather than being told how to do something. For some of our players they can pick up on instructions very quickly, but for the majority they need a much more patient approach.

After the work you did with the coaches and players we found that the coaches are much more empathetic with the boys. It’s like a better level of trust has been formed. We now notice that the players play with less fear and rigidity, less fearing of trying to remember how to do the things that they’ve been taught.

We are well on the way to the boys finding their potential thanks to your work.

Thanks so much.
Andy Malcolm,
Alpha FC


“CoachingKids4SelfBelief have worked with the Greenhouse coaching staff since 2011 and the feedback is always positive for both the tutor and the content.  It allows our team to build on their existing knowledge and introduce new ways of thinking and learning when looking at overall child development.  We look forward to working with them more in the future particularly using their fantastic online resources.”

G. Laybourne – Training and Development Manager.
The Greenhouse Charity – London.


‘I have worked with Andy over the past couple of years, he has tutored many courses for us in relation to Child Protection and Level 1 and 2 Coaching Assistant courses. I have always found him reliable and committed and he has a calming presence with his gentle manner which enables candidates to learn effectively. He has a passion for the game of tennis and for developing learning for young and old alike.’

Lynn O’Brien,
Essex Tennis


I have always been a believer in athlete centered coaching (even though basketball is not traditionally this way) BUT I have not really understood the building blocks that help actually change the way I coach, the things I say, the challenges I set and the interaction from the athletes themselves.

Working with Andy and doing the online course has helped me to unlock this area of coaching in greater detail and helped me to clarify a number of situations that I have previously found very challenging and frustrating.

Understanding that asking questions is important to the athletes is the easy part of this process! Its about knowing what questions to ask, and what to do with the answers, which has really helped me.

Matt Johnson, Director of Coaching
Reading Rockets Basketball.


I had the pleasure of Andy attending my programme today and it was great to have him. He co-coached with me on a multi ball table and the work we did around self-discovery and unconscious learning was brilliant. The development in the young people was fast and fun and I as a coach will definitely be using the skills we worked on.

Jason Sugrue, Head Table Tennis Coach,
Greenhouse Sports.



On-line Child-centred Coaching Course


“At Tennis Coach Ireland we believe that online learning has a big future. The Coachingkids4selfbelief course is excellent, and we see it as a vital strand in our Continuous Professional Development Programme.”

Peter Farrell. Coach Development Manager.
Tennis Coach Ireland.


“Just completed the coaching kids 4 self belief course as part of my coach licence, the course was excellent, superbly written with clear and precise instructions and full of vital information for the development of tennis in not just children,but everyone.I couldn’t recommend it highly enough”

David Collins, Ex ATP World ranked player singles and doubles.
LTA Licensed Coach, London.


‘Just to say many thanks indeed for creating this course which I have just taken online. I think it’s really excellent and a great contribution to the LTA and British tennis. Something all coaches (in other sports too) can hugely benefit from. Very clear and succinct, lots a repeated themes to internalise the information.

I found it a great reminder for me of key information covered before about the non-directive approach and a reinforcement to internalising the knowledge.

I hope this gets out there to as many coaches (and teachers!!) as possible. I think this will make a great difference.

Thanks again and congratulations in creating this!’

James Brannan, LTA Licensed Tennis Coach,
Will to Win, London.



‘Asking open questions and listening has made a difference in just one session.

I’m really enjoying using the techniques from your course, receiving feedback from my skaters is great.
Its also encouraging to hear that they understand the element in which we are working on, I felt it also gave the skater ownership which seemed to result in much more effort and determination.
I found the lesson had a lot more progress by not giving constant instruction, just by listening I was able to gather how much understanding the skater really had.’

Once again many thanks.

Tamsin Sear-Watkins – Ice Skating Coach.
British Figure Skating Champion 1999.


I completed the course and found it very useful. I have started to use some of the different questioning techniques in my individuals – Such as what did you notice and what will we focus on in this next shot

Thank you for sending it and if you have any more I would be very interested.

Karen Burton,
Current U16 England Girls Basketball, National Team coach



‘I found the course easy to navigate and well presented. The text was well written making it easy to comprehend and the video clips certainly enhanced the course’s information.

This morning I tried out the some of the approaches from the course and enjoyed using open ended questions to give my pupils more ownership of their session. I was really pleased with two 5 year olds who were able to tell me exactly what they wanted and how to set up an exercise of hitting forehands at a bucket. They finished by declining an invitation to join others in a game of jail and asked if they could throw balls overarm at the bucket – something I would have never thought of and they enjoyed it and performed with enthusiasm at the end of an hour long session.’

Adrian Hyde – P.E teacher and LTA licensed Coach.


‘I have just completed your course and I just wanted to let you know how interesting I found it. I am a CCA tennis coach and have coached for 16 years and I think in all this time, this was the most useful course I have completed. It was very enlightening and I have immediately changed my approach to lessons and so far the results have been really good!’

‘Thank you once again!’

Karl Burt – BA (Hons) Sports Science.



“This course is a a really good place to start for anyone wanting a solid grounding in non-directive coaching for kids and is well demonstrated  and clear throughout. Recommended !”

Rob Rave, – Coach and Developer of Progress Talk.
Bournemouth, Hampshire.


‘I found the course refreshing and thought provoking – refreshing in that it looked at the aspect of ‘how to coach’ instead of ‘what to coach’ and thought provoking as it made me realise that my own coaching style had become more of a list of instructions to my pupils with the idea at the back of my mind that I didn’t have time to ask lots of questions – that it was quicker just to tell them. I have practised more effective questioning on court and seeing the delight on their faces at being more personally engaged in the process has convinced me that it’s an extremely relevant and much needed tool for growing self awareness of both pupil and coach!’

Helen Almond, – LTA licensed Coach
Amherst Tennis Club, Sussex.




‘I am an LTA Tennis Coach and I would recommend this course to coaches of all sports.’

‘I thought it would be interesting to attempt the 36 multiple choice questions before reading the course material, naively thinking I would be capable of making an educated guess in most cases.  It was not so straightforward.  I then studied all the videos and read all the material and even then did not get 100% but felt I had learnt a lot en route.  It is very tempting as coaches to get ‘set in our ways’ and not challenge our methods of teaching.  This course does exactly that.  Not only am I thinking about it on court, but with my 9 and 10 year old in every day life too.  How many of us really listen properly to what children are saying?  I’ll admit I’m not sure I always do!’

Susanna Hunt, LTA Licensed Coach
Faringdon T.C, Oxford



‘I have just completed the online Child Centred Coaching course and found it really interesting. Although primarily based around coaching tennis players the methods taught can be utilised in any sporting environment. I found the course quite challenging and stimulating unlike some of the simpler courses available on the internet. I feel more skilled now and it is certainly well worth the effort to watch all the videos completely.’

Andrew Swift
FA Licensed coach.



“I took this course and I have learnt how to question more effectively, I now get better more specific feedback from my players, giving me greater understanding of them and allowing me to pin point exactly what it is they are seeking. This course also taught me how to get the children I coach to take greater responsibility of their own learning breaking down the teacher pupil barriers. If you want to engage more with the people you coach I highly recommend this course”.

Jon Modica, Head Coach
Old College Lawn Tennis Club, Essex.



‘After taking the course , I have now found my coaching to be much less stressful when working with my young juniors, and have experienced some quick and encouraging results.’

‘Great course highly recommended.’

‘Thanks Andy very good stuff in there!’

David Woolstencroft –
Junior Tennis Professional,
David Lloyd Farnham


‘I really enjoyed the Coaching kids 4 self belief online course. It is easy to follow and understand and is packed full of really useful information. I have definitely come away feeling more confident in being able to communicate with my pupils better”

Lauren Bryett – Head Coach
West Berkshire Tennis



‘Just completed the online child psychology course.  Coaching in Devon we don’t get a great deal of new interesting courses.
Most courses consist of level 1s 2s and cardio tennis.  So I just wanted to write and give my appreciation to your course.  Interesting, informative and set out in a way which was easy to learn and remember.  GREAT JOB! and many thanks.

Kevin Durney,
LTA Senior Performance Coach
Torquay Tennis Club.



‘I would like to say that I thought the online course was extremely valuable. I am a level 4 tennis coach who has been working with children ranging 4-18 for nearly 15 years. I thought the content was extremely detailed and useful and I’m looking forward to putting these new skills into practice.
This has to be the best coach development course I have experienced.’

Olly Carr,
LTA Club Coach
White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre, Oxford.




I thought the course was absolutely brilliant! It was really interesting and so easy to access. You’ve done a great job! I hope there will be more to come?

Many thanks again,

Marc Gilkes
LTA Club Coach
Banbury Tennis Club.



Thanks for your LTA internet course.
It definitely made me more aware & helped shift responsibility to my students.
After over 30 years coaching very refreshing , especially after so many coaching seminars that just miss the point.
The 2 points above are critical for tennis players
But more importantly in life.
Always keep focus when we have too much information to deal with.

Ray Bundell
LTA Senior Performance Coach.


Thank you for an extremely enlightening and refreshing course.  Very interesting to read and I have started using these awareness-raising questions on court already!
Theo Hyman
LTA Club Coach
Farm Walk Tennis Club, Hampstead, London.


I have just completed the Coaching Kids for Self Belief Course. What a brillant course. Really thought provoking and made an immediate difference to the way I approach my lessons.

Garreth O’ Carroll
Club Coach
Tennis Ireland