The Team

Andy Knibbs

Andy is a Sports Coach Educator, with an MSc in counselling Psychology. In 2002, Andy began training with Sir John Whitmore and Caroline Harris in how to apply the Inner Game approach to Coaching, and it is this model which Andy advocates with using a child-centred coaching approach. In 2019, Timothy Gallwey, author of the Inner Game series, certified Andy as an ‘InnerGame Tennis Coach’.

Since 2004, Andy has delivered courses on the Inner Game to The Lawn Tennis Association, The English Cricket Board, England Basketball, the UK County Sports Partnerships and various other sporting organisations and charities.

Having worked with many coaches, Andy became aware of a skill gap amongst coaches who were able to demonstrate a high level of competency at providing information and instruction, but who struggled to apply non-directive coaching skills. Andy believes that if children are to be given the best opportunity to learn and grow in all environments, that coaches, teachers and parents are helped to increase even further their knowledge and skills for child-centred coaching. Hence, he has set up a website dedicated to learning the theory and skills of this extremely valuable coaching approach.

Peter Farthing

With competitive tennis experience at county level and two years on an American tennis scholarship behind him, Peter began coaching tennis in 1993. He is LTA Level 4 qualified and still finds time to coach alongside his other work.

After hearing Sir John Whitmore speak about The Inner Game approach at the BTCA conference in 2001, Peter’s experiments with the coaching methodology brought immediate results and he started training with Sir John and Caroline Harris in 2002. Over the next few years, Peter also trained to Master Practitioner level in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, which gave him many fascinating insights into the psychology of coaching.

He then went on to qualify as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and assisted Paul McKenna Training on hypnosis, NLP practitioner and weight loss training courses. In 2016 he qualified as an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer with Gwiz NLP and has assisted on Gwiz NLP practitioner, master practitioner and hypnosis training.

He has published articles for the BTCA and has worked with hosting webinars on The Inner Game and Coaching the Subconscious Mind.

Peter has been working with Andy developing and running coach education courses since 2004, firstly with Inner Works Coaching and more recently with the online training at Coaching Kids For Self-Belief and Sport Coach Evolution.



Matt Johnson

Matt is Director of Coaching for the Academy programme and Head Coach of the Junior program at Reading Rockets. He is a Level 3 Advanced Basketball Coach, a Coach tutor and is the only FECC qualified coach in England. Matt has led the Reading Rockets U18 club side to 4 Final Fours winning once.

Along with his domestic achievements Matt has coached at England U18 and U16 level and has also coached at the World Student Games.  He is currently the assistant coach for the GB Under 20 women and guided them to promotion in 2010.

Matt has worked with Andy in helping to develop the online Basketball course.

Stephen Gertsen

Stephen represented Wales at table tennis in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Dehli. Currently, based in Scotland, Stephen works as a table tennis coach, coach educator and lecturer in elite sport performance.

Previously, Stephen was regional coach at Table Tennis England and Coach Development officer at Greenhouse Sports in London. He has coached at national level, accompanying players to international events such as The Commonwealth games, The World games and The European championships.

More recently, Stephen and Andy have been working together to develop a Coach Education Programme for Greenhouse Sports coaches, based on helping children in Inner London to develop and grow their Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical skills.