Developing Relaxed Focus and the Power of Awareness

As a psychologist, I’ve studied how people learn and change. As a coach and tutor, I’ve studied how sport is taught and learned. And while most teaching professionals acknowledge the power of the mind and the value of awareness, few know how to teach it, and even fewer make it their primary focus.


Learning and change are more likely to take place when the mind and body are relaxed. Not much is learned in a stressed state, which unfortunately, is the state that many players are in when learning something new.


Helping a player to play relaxed can have a positive impact on their mindset. A high percentage of players and coaches that I have worked with, have never experienced playing relaxed and some have been playing for over 20 years! They typically report playing better and enjoying the experience.


With a quiet mind and relaxed body, it is much easier to focus attention with present moment awareness on key area such as the tracking the ball, balance, movement, contact point, etc.


When the bodies innate intelligence is freed up and properly focused in this way, learning and performance becomes more natural, effortless and effective.


On our courses, you will learn how to help your players;


1.    Learn more naturally and effortlessly.

2.    Develop better focus.

3.    Become more self-aware.

4.    Become more motivated to learn and perform.

5.    Develop more of a ‘Growth mindset’, i.e., be less judgemental of their performance

6.    Develop greater self-trust in their innate ability to learn from direct experience.

7.    Build self-belief.


For more information on our courses, please see the link here


**We can deliver our courses at your club at a time that is convenient with you.


All of our courses carry 6 LTA credits.


Minimum 4-6 coaches. (Players also welcome)


Cost £50 per person.


For more information, please get in touch by phone or email.


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