Targeting Self-Belief.

Tips on how best to use targets to develop a player’s self-belief;

Tip 1. After each shot that a player hits towards a target area, ask them if they can observe and call out where each shot lands relative to the target, e.g., ‘that one was one metre left’…., ‘that was two metres long’…, ‘half a metre to the right’…., ‘hit it’… … etc.

The coach’s role is not to judge, but just to check that the player is observing and calling out where each shot lands relative to the target. The coach can also help the player to get the most out of the exercise by checking that they have enough time between shots/feeds, to give themselves feedback.

Tip 2. Ask the player where they would like to put their target and what size of target they would like? E.g., ‘What size target would you like?’….’Where would you like to put your target?’…

The coach’s role is to make sure that the target is both achievable and challenging enough. If the player is hitting the target all the time, the coach can challenge the player to maybe reduce the size or position of the target. Similarly, if the target is too challenging causing the player to over try and over tighten their muscles, then bringing this to their attention can be helpful too. For example, ‘How many balls have hit the target so far?’, ‘Are you comfortable with this target area or would you like to change it?

Building self-responsibility in players is linked with higher levels of confidence and self-belief’.

On our courses, you will learn how to help your players;

1. Learn more naturally and effortlessly.
2. Develop better focus.
3. Become more self-aware.
4. Become more motivated to learn and perform.
5. Develop more of a ‘Growth mindset’, i.e., be less judgemental of their performance
6. Develop greater self-trust in their innate ability to learn from direct experience.
7. Build self-belief.

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