How can we identify a player’s true technical faults?

A player’s true technical faults are more likely to shine through when their mind is focused and quiet and their body is relaxed and not when they are over-thinking and playing with tension.


When a player is over-thinking and over-trying during a lesson, we are not seeing their natural expression of hitting the ball, but one in which they are trying hard to make their bodies conform to an instruction that they have been given. This can mask their technical potential.


Asking a player to call ‘bounce’ when the ball hits their side of the court and then call ‘hit’ when they strike the ball can lead to a state of relaxed focus, particularly if their level of focus on the exercise is high. In this state, where a player’s mind is quiet and focused and their body is relaxed, we are more likely to uncover their true technical faults or what they really need help with technically.


The ‘false’ technical information has to do with tension caused by mental interference. If a coach jumps in and starts tweaking at the physical level without understanding that the root cause is mental and not physical, it can lead to more problems rather than easy improvement. There may not even be a technical problem at all!


‘Bounce-Hit’ is one of many ways to help players have relaxed focus. If coaches can look for relaxed focus first before deciding on a technical intervention, then it’s possible that learning, performance and enjoyment levels can all be improved.

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