Djokovic’s Jewel in the Crown!

Could it be Djokovic’s daily practice of meditation – the most recent addition, to his holistic approach to tennis and life, which is giving him the edge over the rest of the field at the moment?

Before matches, Djokovic uses breathing techniques to help him ‘align with his thoughts’ and ‘stay composed’ – an act he calls an essential part of any athlete’s preparation for competition. This is particularly necessary in tennis, he argues, as the solo player is the one that has to ‘handle all the pressure and expectations’.

Renowned for hitting the same assured strokes regardless of the pressure (a psychological aspect of the game most professionals battle with), Djokovic uses breathing to “reach the highest level of self-control”.

Djokovic has demonstrated in all 3 slams this year his ability to stay relaxed and focussed under pressure……

Just like any other aspect of a players game, meditation must be practised on a regular basis if you want to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Be able to maintain focus on what’s most important particularly, in a pressurised environment.
  • Be able to access and maintain a state of relaxation in the body – important if we are to play effortless, fluid, precise and powerful shots.
  • Have reduced anxiety and worry
  • Be more likely to experience a ‘Flow’ or ‘Zone’ state.

Our ‘Inner Game – Zone Training’ courses will show you how to help your players train for the Ideal Performance State, of being relaxed in the body, yet energetic and alert in the mind. We will explore the link between being relaxed and its effect on consistency, accuracy and power and how to help our players build and maintain better focus.

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