Helping Children to Catch a Ball by Increasing Focus

Focus is about concentrating our attention or energy on something. Sometimes children can demonstrate a high level of focus, especially if they are watching their favourite TV programme, reading a good book, or playing a imaginary game, and no matter what distractions are going on around them, they stay focussed. However, at other times children … Read more

The Skills of Child-Centred Coaching are Transferable!

The skills of child-centred coaching are transferable to any area of a child’s life. You might initially learn them to help your child develop more confidence in football, and then go on to discover how you might apply to help your child learn to read and write, play a musical instrument or solve a problem … Read more

Creating the Right Environment!

What kind of learning environment do children need to maximise their potential and build self belief? About 9 years ago, I was trying to help my son aged 7 years to play tennis. As a coach and a player, I desperately wanted him to play well and I thought that I could help him by … Read more