The Skills of Child-Centred Coaching are Transferable!

The skills of child-centred coaching are transferable to any area of a child’s life. You might initially learn them to help your child develop more confidence in football, and then go on to discover how you might apply to help your child learn to read and write, play a musical instrument or solve a problem social situation.

What is extremely satisfying about this approach, is that as an adult you dont have to be an expert in any of these endeavours to get some fantastic results with your children.

In the 1980’s a colleague of mine, was short tennis coaches to deliver his player-centred coaching programmes. The only option he had was to invite several ski coaches to help out who had experience of this approach.  During the course it was observed that the ski coaches performed as well as the tennis coaches and on two occassions actually got better results with the players! The reason for this result he believes, is due to the difficulty the tennis coaches had with detaching themselves from their technical expertise* compared with the the ski coaches who had very little technical expertise and instead, had to listen to the self-diagnosis of the players!

(* I believe that as adults it is helpful if we share our technical expertise and experiences where appropriate. Our aim is to re-dress the imbalance between our skill level for directive and non-directive coaching.