Footballers have doubts also!

Recently, I met up with a football coach to discuss how he could use a performer-centred coaching approach with his junior team. During the meeting we discussed our playing and coaching experiences and he told me about a problem that he had developed with heading the ball. After missing a few headers in a game … Read more

Stuck for Something to Say? – How about asking?

A couple of weeks ago, I was assessing a level 2 UKCC qualification in tennis and I noticed a trainee coach struggling for something to say to one of his pupils during his on-court assessment.  He had set up a drill which involved the players hitting cross court for depth, and he had explained and … Read more

Helping Children to Catch a Ball by Increasing Focus

Focus is about concentrating our attention or energy on something. Sometimes children can demonstrate a high level of focus, especially if they are watching their favourite TV programme, reading a good book, or playing a imaginary game, and no matter what distractions are going on around them, they stay focussed. However, at other times children … Read more