Further Learning Section

This course has focussed on the connection for coaches between Zone Training and –

  • Inner Game
  • Natural Learning
  • Non-directive Coaching
  • Hypnosis

There are, of course, other coaching models and methodologies that connect with The Zone. In particular, we wanted to mention Growth Mindset, Emotional Intelligence and NLP.

  • Growth Mindset
    With an understanding of Growth Mindset, you will be able to see how these ideas fit with the ideas in this course and help you as a coach to create a positive environment for learning which in turn will reduce mental interference for your students and create more opportunities for The Zone.
  • Emotional Intelligence
    Increased awareness of your own emotions and your students’ emotions will help you to notice when to intervene in a directive or non-directive way (CoachNav) and when to step back, say less and allow focus to develop when training The Zone.
  • NLP
    Neurolinguistic Programming has a wealth of knowledge relevant to Zone Training, from improving communication skills through powerful ways of understanding state management to installing effective mental and behavioural habits.

Watch out for further blogs, articles and courses on these topics and more.

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