LTA Inner Coaching Certification Program Level 1

brawleyInner Coaching Certification Program

Level 1

Beyond Technique: Becoming a masterful coach

(Date and Venue TBC)


12 x LTA Coach License Points.


 How can we help players become independent learners and problem solvers?

How can we help them overcome negative self-talk, fear, self-judgment and other inner obstacles?

How can coaches move beyond technical instruction to other more effective ways of coaching?

In this highly experiential and unique workshop, Sean Brawley, the first certified Inner Game Coach© in the world, will guide you on this exploration of what it takes to become a masterful coach.

Sean will draw upon his experiences over the past 20 years learning from Tim Gallwey (author of the Inner Game series), coaching Super Bowl Champion coach Pete Carroll, as well as his player development consulting with the New York Yankees, USC Football team, and numerous high performance tennis academies.

The value to coaches attending will be:

  • increased confidence
  • improved ability to get consistent, positive results with players
  • a clear action plan for your development
  • support after the workshop to ensure your learning continues
  • stand out among your peers with an advanced coaching certification

Over the 3 days, coaches will “embody” their learning through experiential on- and off-court exercises, lecture, video clips, group discussion, personal reflection and journaling.

Specifically, coaches will learn:

  • the 3 critical factors for mastery and long term development in any field
  • the principal exercise Sean used to help Super Bowl Champion NFL Coach Pete Carroll
  • the 5 Pillars for Massive Consistency
  • the 5 Domains of Player Development
  • the 5 Principles of Movement and how you can use it to coach effectively in any sport
  • how to create mindful, engaging, purposeful practices
  • 8 exercises that will dramatically improve a player’s technique without giving instruction
  • a simple model for goal setting that coaches and players can easily use that has been taught to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide
  • Guided Discovery: non-directive coaching techniques

By the end of the workshop, coaches will understand clearly what it takes to become a masterful coach, have developed a clear action plan for their personal development, overcome any resistance or negative beliefs about the process, and specific exercises that they can immediately use with their students and players to accelerate learning and improve performance.

Added Bonus: The first ten (10) coaches who sign up will receive as a bonus a free tele-coaching conference call with Sean to help put what is learned into practice

(Date and Venue TBC).


Alternatively to reserve a place or for more information, please email or call: 01727 845184 or 07715327312.