Online Child-Centred Coaching Course For Basketball Coaches


This course is suitable for all sports coaches.

Approved by the  National Governing Body for Basketball, for Continuous Professional Development;


  • England Basketball– Certificate for Continuous Professional DevelopmentSkills Active Accredited Course – 6 CPD points.



Would you like the Children that you coach to;

Have increased confidence and self-belief in all that they do?

Have greater enthusiasm and motivation to learn?

Learn faster, perform at higher levels and enjoy what they are doing?



As a Coach, would you like to;

Feel less stressed when the learning gets stuck, i.e., when you find yourself repeating the same information and instructions

Be inspired and positively challenged by your coaching?


Child-centred Coaching

Supports and facilitates children’s interests and goals

Creates happier, more empowered young people who feel heard and valued

Unlocks children’s potential for more creative solutions

Generates increased awareness and self-responsibility leading to increased Self-Belief



Course Information;

This course is intended for anyone who is interested in learning the theory and skills for developing children’s self-belief.

This course will take approximately 4-6 hours and doesn’t have to be completed in one go.

Cost £35.00

Online multiple choice questionnaire for coaches wishing to obtain continuous professional development. Pass mark 24/36 correct answers.

Coaches will have full access to the course whilst taking the questionnaire and will be notified of their result, immediately after submitting their questionnaire.


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