A rare opportunity for golfers to work closely with Timothy Gallwey in person!

Timothy Gallwey, founder of The Inner Game and recognised by many as the father of modern coaching, will be coming to the UK in April to present a conference celebrating 45 years with The Inner Game – the ground-breaking coaching/learning methodology that applies to all sports and indeed to any human endeavour.

The day after the conference, Tim will be running a special Inner Game of Golf Workshop at Batchworth Park Golf Club with limited places available.

‘It is well known that improving one’s golf game involves overcoming mental obstacles more formidable than sand traps, lakes, narrow fairways, wind, and unreadable greens. Self-doubt increases in the mind with every shot that goes nowhere near where the player wanted, and accumulates habits of tension in the swing when trying too hard to hit the ball straight, up, far, and especially, correctly.
Timothy Gallwey

This workshop demonstrates, through your own experience, how to learn and how to coach others to learn golf in a way that minimizes the various forms of self-interference that distort our swings and lead to long-lasting frustrations and slow improvement, or worse, increased handicaps.

You might be surprised to find that learning to play better golf need not be a process of memorising behavioral instructions designed to correct the faults in your swing. In this workshop, you will learn to help others learn as well as yourself, by simply becoming more aware of how your swing feels and where the ball goes. This is a natural learning process of paying close attention to experience and then trusting your body to learn by WHAT FEELS BEST AND WHAT WORKS BEST.

Inner Skills learned to achieve this apply not only to your golf, but to any human activity at every level of proficiency from beginner to professional. These skills are:
1) Non-judgmental awareness of experience.
2) Trust in oneself.
3) Clarity of choice.

  • Limited spaces – only 24 available – secure your place for £125!
  • Special offer for April 29th Inner Game Conference Attendees – £99!!
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‘We’re looking forward to meeting you and sharing this day of discovery and insights.’

Venue: Batchworth Park Golf Club, London Road, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 1JS.

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm / Registration 09:30am.

Email us at info@coachingkids4selfbelief.com for more information or to register your interest.

By purchasing a place at the workshop, you are declaring that you have read and agree to the Inner Game of Golf Workshop Terms And Conditions.

To find out more about Timothy Gallwey’s work, visit www.theinnergame.com